The Family, Youth and Community Development Program is currently being restructured to offer new programs after school. The FYCDP owns and operates the Crown Street Community Center and organizes all programming and groups that take place within the building.

The FCYCP is responsible for “Jazz Fest”, an annual fundraiser that goes toward programming provided at the Crown Street Community Center.


The DePauw University Community Technology Enhancement Program (CTEP) is a DePauw-affiliated organization that empowers members of the Putnam County community with new means to learn, communicate, and explore by providing technology and related education. Through the distribution of refurbished computers to qualifying organizations and individuals in need, community workshops, and Internet resources, CTEP providing quality, community-oriented services.

Official CTEP web page

Ridpath Spanish Enrichment Program

The Ridpath Spanish Enrichment Program provides a space for students to get a head start in learning the Spanish language. Every Thursday evening students will learn basic vocabulary, verb conjugations, grammar, as well as practice annunciating and speaking the language.

Sustainable Agriculture and Solar Energy ( Hydroponics)

The Sustainable Agriculture and Solar Energy program is a DePauw-affiliated organization that teaches kids about hydroponics, sustainable agriculture, and solar energy in partnership with DePauw’s campus farm. Students will be experience a year long, hands on learning curriculum in which they are responsible for planting and taking care of their own garden.

Girl Scouts

The Crown Street Community Center is designed to be a place for the community to come together. That is why we proudly provide our building for the Girl Scouts weekly meetings every Tuesday evening. Here girls can gather together to learn, bond, and give back to their community.

TZ and Deer Meadow Robotics Program

The TZ ans Deer Meadow Robotics program allows youth to get involved with STEM oriented learning with a hands on a approach. The kids will not only be learning about basic fundamentals of studies such a physics and engineering, but will be building a robot as well. This circulum allows students to see their studies apply to real life experience.

Saturday Video Gaming Group

There is nothing the Crown Street Community Center loves more than bringing people in the community together. The Saturday video gaming group gives students in the community a chance to come together and enjoy some old fashion fun by playing video games.